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Sushi Freak is not your mama-san’s typical sushi bar! Stroll into Sushi Freak for a grand voyage of the senses and a full cultural immersion of the taste buds. Step right up to the walk-through order line where the adventure begins. This is where customers get their first glimpse of the lush landscape of premium ingredients. All the while engaging in boisterous banter with not only their sushi roller, but with other customers trading notes on the most winning roll combinations.  

From our cutting-edge, Sushi Burritos, to our collection of specialty Japanese snacks and drinks, Sushi Freak exudes a chic vibe with a decidedly homey feel. It’s exactly the reason die-hard customers don their exclusive Sushi Freak branded hats, t-shirts and other promotional items with great pride.

 We don't take orders, we take inventions!